FS: 05-06 Turbonetics Turbo Kit

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    Default FS: 05-06 Turbonetics Turbo Kit

    The kit is off my 05 Mustang Gt, the car was at Sema in 2007 with this kit on it. We were in a rush to get the car together and got the car from totally stock to as ready as we could get for Sema in 2 and a half weeks. The car made 435hp/455ft lb on 8 psi and 93 octane pump gas. Since then the kit was pulled off the car as the tuner could not get driveability up to par and air fuels were inconsistent at best(the tuner wasnt so good we later found out). The kit currently has appx 100 miles on it. Turbonetics originally sold their kits with suck through maf intercooler piping. Recently they changed their kit to a newer blow through maf intercooler piping. I have the new blow through ic piping and it has never been installed. I am looking to get $4000 for the kit. It will have everything included in the kit from turbonetics(turbo, lines, ic piping(suck through and blow through), programmer, injectors, couplers, intercooler, etc) as well as a set of CPR fuel rails with the feed and crossover and a kenne bell boost a pump. With a conservative tune and all these parts on 93 octane 500 whp should be easily attainable at 10-14 psi. I live in the suburbs of detroit michigan, I would prefer to sell this face to face locally rather then ship it, but it can be arranged if necassary. If you have any questions you can pm me here, email me at [email protected] or call me on my cell at 586 260 4204.

    Here is a link to the kit on turbonetics page


    Here are a couple pics of the car and the kit installed at sema.

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    Price Change To $3700

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    I need this thing gone ASAP $3250!!! Its a steal at this price!

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    Default kit

    Is your car a stick or auto I have herd that this kit needs to be modified to fit an auto. Would be very interested if I could make it fit my auto.

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    my car is a stick, they were designed around the manual transmission cars, ill be honest i have no experience in making it fit an automatic but the design of the kit is rather simple, it runs right after your factory cats to a y pipe that turns forward and puts the turbo between the motor and the radiator. I couldnt imagine it needing a large amount of modifying to make it fit. Maybe a couple tweaks on the plumbing. The programming you would have to have done totally custom by a reputable tuner.

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    still available?

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