This week we had a customer drop off his 2006 FX4 F-150 truck for a Roushcharger installation. He had purchased the blower kit from a local Ford dealership and wanted to bring it to us for a professional installation. Also since we are a Roush certified installation facility he knew we could perform the job and keep his warranty intact!

I know this is nothing special for you guys but i just wanted to share what we did and found on the dyno. Here are a few pics below of what the truck looks like and a copy of its dyno graph. Please let me know what you guys think and what you have seen similarly on your trucks!:banana:

We made 361 RWHP and 444 TQ on a max Boost reading of 8.5 psi

If anyone is interested in installing one of these Roush or our Saleen Supercharger kits please contact us today at 732-780-0770!


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