S197 Powdercoated Bolt In Roll Bars!

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    Default S197 Powdercoated Bolt In Roll Bars!

    Our 6-point roll bar is intended for drag racing, and conforms to the NHRA and NMRA rules. Designed to fit the stock Mustang interior, this roll bar has door bars for additional side impact protection. The door bars are removable; they bolt to the floor, and are secured to the main hoop with one bolt. Easily installs in hardtop S197 Mustangs without welding inside the car. The Roll Bar is available in Mild Steel or Chrome Moly and includes Dual Swingouts and come Powdercoated Back. Custom Colors are also available!

    The Roll Bars are In-Stock and Ready To Ship....!

    These also can be installed at our Facility, please call 610-485-3596 to Schedule an appointment.

    4-Point Roll Bar Powdercoated
    Mild Steel - $1,250.00, Plus Shipping
    Chrome Moly - $1,450.00, Plus Shipping

    6-Point Roll Bar Powdercoated
    Mild Steel - $1,650.00, Plus Shipping
    Chrome Moly - $1,950.00, Plus Shipping

    You can order them by Clicking Here!

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    Nice roll bar!

    Please allow me to point out a couple of flaws, if I may...

    1. I see 6 point Chrome Moly roll bars for sale in magazines for as low as $499. Although maybe not specific to an S197 car, I think for the extra work it took to make one to fit this nicely, you are a little too proud of it asking 2grand. I know of at least one competitor selling an S197 specific 6-point roll bar for under $600 dollars, and it actually has some curvature to the door bars which looks better IMO.


    2. More importantly, the bar that goes across behind the seat, that the over the shoulder belt will attach to, is too low. With a belt location like that, in a serious collision the way that belt pictured pulls back down over the back of the seat, could and will lead a serious compression injury to the spine. Over the shoulder belts should be pulling straight back over the top of the seat, and not back down. Many sactioning bodies would not permit such a fastening point for the over shoulder belts like this, nor would I personally want to wear such a belt. It would suck to survive a bad crash, just to end up crippled because your safety equipment was improperly installed/used.

    This is of course, just IMHO.

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