Still on the car, debating on selling, if I can get the right money for it, I will go ahead and pull it and sell it. Will also consider trading for SVO intake setup & cash.

SVO/Roush Eaton M112 Supercharger Kit, has stock 6LB 3.5 Pulley on it, and has NEVER had a more aggressive pulley on it. Previous owner bought the blower kit new, and put around 8k miles on it, I have put around 1800 on it, thats less than 10k miles on it! Fits non pi 96-98 GT's, I have heard you can put this on a pi car as well, but Im not gonna put my word on it, as I have no way to know for sure.

Only selling because I think my plans are going to outgrow this blower quickly. Im not sure what it's capable of, maxed out, I know getting mid 300's is pretty easy, but I want mid 400's or better.

The best part about it, is it's VERY stealthy, plenty of my car friends have not even noticed it until I have pointed it out.

My car only made 292 rwhp with it, but thats in 90+ degree weather, with a super rich 10.0 air fuel ratio. The car also made peak torque as soon as he went wot on the dyno at 2500. It's also cool, because the car sounds like a stocker, until you go wot, then it sounds like an 03 Cobra.

Kit includes

Blower & Intake manifold setup
Vacuum Harness
Idler Pulley
Alternator Bracket
K&N Filter
Original Computer that came with blower kit (never installed, still new)
Autologic Chip for this setup (what Im using now)
FMS 30LB Injectors
Possibly Fuel Rails (they came with the kit, but appear to be stock 96-97 rails, maybe these only came with the kit for the 98? if absolutely needed, i will include them)
Throttle Bracket

$2000 SHIPPED! May also deliver within 250 miles as well.