Changed from Auto trans to T5

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    Default Changed from Auto trans to T5

    I found a T5 trans from a 3.8 V6 mustang in St. Louis for 100.00 so i baught it. It is infact a World class T5. The tag on the side showed it to be a reman. I took it apart and it looked like new so i replaced some seals and installed it in my 95GT 5.0. What i didnt realize is the bell housing was for a 164 tooth flywheel. Thats right, I put a 157 tooth in it and it wouldnt hit the starter. After checking out my options, I found that a 95 F150 with an HO 5.0 has a 164 tooth flywheel in it also. It also has an 11" clutch in it. I also had to use a truck starter in it.
    I did try to find a bell housing for the mustang but every one wanted to much for them. I like the idea of having an 11" clutch in it anyhow. I did this changeover while in Missouri visiting with my brother so i couldnt really take my time to have a V6 flywheel ballanced. It ran great on the trip back to Ca. and i had a lot of fun with it.
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