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    Do you hear it at idle or only part throttle?

    Here is a video of my motor right after being installed, you can hear a ticking at 1 min and on in the video. It is the injectors and followers singing, totally normal.

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    Only under throttle while driving. I cannot hear it while idling or revving up the engine listening under the hood.

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    How much oil did you put inside the supercharger? Where did it measure on the dipstick? Have you checked the oil since the install? Have you removed the belt and spin the supercharger by hand, if you have do you feel any tight spots or play? Did the manifold sit down on the heads correctly with no wobble? Do you have the knock sensor bosses on your block, if so did you trim them down to fit the manifold?

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    i know this thread is a little old, but i am pulling my hair out with the same problem on my 2000 superchareged saleen. i smoked the exhaust found no leaks, took my x pipe off like 10 times,i did a compresion test on the cylanders thinking it was a bad valve, it is a brand new motor, cant seem to find out what it is. the leak sound is only coming from the left side under a load and is inside the exhaust. im thinking about getting long tube headers but if that doesnt fix it i might burn it to the ground, it is a noise that eats at my ears i dont even want to drive it. someone please help me out

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    Its the fuel injectors. Unplug them one by one and you will find the noisy one.

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