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Thread: What is a CCRM

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    Why write "but I did do the things?" Just write "but I did the things . . ." No need to write "did do," it is incorrect English.

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    While your grammatical coaching is correct lawpilot15, the thread is seven years old ...


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    I was having problems with my 1999 Ford Mustang GT (V-8) over a period of several weeks. Would crank but only start when it felt like it, would sometimes stall in traffic, would only run for a few seconds after starting, etc. Finally would not start at all.
    Local Ford dealer thought it was a PATS problem. Replacing the instrument cluster and
    PATS transceiver did not help. Finally, they replaced the CCRM (Part #12B577 AA). Problem solved.

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    Constant Control Relay Module. On my 99 Mustang GT it is located at the top of the passenger side front fender well. You must remove the wheel and fender liner to access it.

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