SCT Big Air MAF & SCT custom tune coming tomorrow!

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    Default SCT Big Air MAF & SCT custom tune coming tomorrow!

    Well, when I put my combo together I went with one of the well know names in the business for my tuning via the Diablo Rev software. The car runs great, but the probelm is its a mail order tune and although I had the car dynoed and the chip sent back & reburned 3 times to get it right, its still working around a pegged MAF.

    To add to that I've read alot of posts about the SCT software being superior to Diablo - I dont know? Anyway, a guy that use to work at SCT (Justin Starkey) will be in Miami tomorrow to dyno tune a few cars - mine being one of them. He is going to be installing a SCT 2400 MAF as well to take care of the pegging problem. From what I hear he has a very good reputation as a tuner and is very knowledgable with the SCT software.

    Has anyone here had any tuning done by Justin Starkey? Any comments?

    So my car put out 626/577 STD with the stock pegged MAF and the Diablo Rev. software. I know it will be much safer with the SCT MAF - But does anyone think I'll also pick up some power switching to SCT? I'm asking him to provide me with an aggressive pump gas tune (that exactly what I told my first tuner).

    Alright, I'll let everyone know how things go and I'll post up the dyno sheets tomorrow night or Saturday...And thanks for any responses or comments!

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    Depending on what your a/f looks like, I would say there would be a very good possibility in seeing some gains. If you are running real fat say in the middle of the powerband to keep the a/f down up top, it's a possibility. Keep us posted

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