Looking for Boss stock cam take outs FS

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    Default Looking for Boss stock cam take outs FS

    does anyone have a email link to someone or a shop that has the stock Boss cam take outs?
    Joel S

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    What Boss cams? Boss 5.0, 260 or 290? Boss 5.0 cams won't work in a 4.6.

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    BOSS 5.4 cams the 260,290 and i think there is one more model.

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    well i'm trying to get my hands on a set of 315 heads off of a blown up FG GT so my whole heads could be up for sale soon. my BA has only done 93000 km.

    BA/BF XR8 cams only have a duration of 177deg Int and Exh at 50 thou lift. GT heads have higher lift capabilities, XR8 can only handle approx 468thou of life before coil bind starts to occur. that info is directly from crow cam australia.

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    thanks i didn't know their specs

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    No go on the GT heads for me. Dealerships son is getting back into V8 BRUTES series next season and he wants it for parts, even tho the block has 4 LEGS OUT OF BED. I have seen on ebay 290 high lift set, at about 1300 for the set tho. You can get aftermarket for that, perhaps talk to your local ford dealer parts department.

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    I just had my stock bf gt cams replaced with Herrods performance ones. I can see if the shop still has the stock ones. Boss 290

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