Well its that time again,winter build. I'm going TT and will be selling everything that has to do with my S/C. The set up i have is the best you can possibly get for your cobra if you like your blowers. If your looking to go all out and make 700-800 whp with no heat problems, this is the set up for you! All the parts have less than a 1000 miles on them, everything is in mint condition. Pretty much all of it is almost new. All the parts are still on my car and will stay on until i have serious buyers lined up. If i have to piece all the parts out, the buyers will have to give me a deposit and wait until most of the other parts sell as well. All parts will come off at the beginning of Oct. when my build starts.
If interested please contact me or call/ text Alex 718-644-2182. All prices are firm!! Don't even try to low ball me, its never going to happen.

Water Cooled Kenne Bell Mammoth- payed $6550 -asking $5500
( Blower comes with two belts and a 4", 3.5",3.25" pulleys )
American Racing 3" Headers and X pipe 3"- payed $1400- asking $1000
Aluminum ice coolant tank with all the hoses and fittings- payed $ 900 - asking $600
( All hoses are braided lines and there is a special hook up to the blower)
Velocity Turbo Systems Intercooler & Heatexchanger with tubular bumper support- payed $ 2000 - asking $1500
( This system is the biggest money can buy, air temps stay way down. Everything connects to the ice tank and hoses)
Cobra Alternator - asking $200
Mega Driver Module- payed $600- asking $350
( This module controls 3 fuel pumps)
Metco Lower Pulley Kit with 4lb and 6lb pulley- asking $250 SOLD
Metco Cobra Idler kit with 4 double bearing pullies - asking $300
Everything else such as pulley rack, lower intake, or anything i missed make an offer.
WATCH THE YOU TUBE VIDEO/ i explain everything about the parts at.
2003 cobra S/C info - sale - YouTube[/url]