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    Default tuned for X but no X

    so i am tuned for an offroad x-pipe but i am having problems with my x-pipe right now so i had to take it off. is it ok to run the tune (which is tuned for OR-X) on my car but run the stock cats and h-pipe?

    im going on a long trip this weekend and am wondering if it will be ok?

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    Should be fine. I ran mine like that for a while. I think all the tune does is turn off the rear o2s.

    Whats wrong with your xpipe? Leaking?

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    yeah its got a leak, right up by the flange where it mounts to the header.

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    see how the actual pipe comes up out of the flange. i didnt think this would cause a problem but sure enough it did.
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    good flange: see how the pipe is sunk underneath the flange
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    As stated by fiveoh most all tunes come witb back O2's turned off. If you have die grinder or dremel you should be able to trim the overhang out from inside flange.

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    yeah, thats the plan, just grind it down...i just dont have the time to get it filed down and put back on the car before i have to leave for the weekend.

    i also got some washers to put on each side of the flange too and brand new gaskets as well, im making sure i dont have to take this off again. even though i am getting pretty good at it.

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    Are the fuel tables at all different in a tune for cats vs no cats??? So will it mess with the AFR?

    I am catless right now but am thinking about getting a catted midpipe to tone down my setup a bit and was wondering if I'd have to get a new tune.

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