Falcon ba gt using coolant ?????????????

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    Default Falcon ba gt using coolant ?????????????

    Hey guys , ive recently purchased a 05 ba gt . Its using a little coolant and i can smell it when i step out after driving it . after a little investigating with a torch it appears a bit corrosive , stained in engine valley [ under intake manifold ] could this engine have a cracked manifold ? very dissapointed . rest of car is immaculate . anybody else been down this road or heard of it ?

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    Not a biggie, there is a pipe in the valley that would be leaking behind the water pump area. there is an O ring that must be degraded. A bit of work to get to but not expensive once you are there. Just keep the coolant up until you can get it looked at.

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    yeah thats what my dealer told me. said its nothing to worry about as i found coolant stains aroud me water pump and fresh fluid. also when they did eventually pressure test the system like i asked they found my radiator tanks were leaking at the joints.

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