got a rear end question.

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    Default got a rear end question.

    hi.i no a 1994 through 1998 mustang rear end is 3/4 inch shorter on each side than a 1999 through 2004 question is whats the diff in with on a fox body rear end,how much shorter are those?does anyone no,lmk,thanks john

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    To give you an idea.....

    Fox axles are 29.1" long

    SN95 29.6"

    S197 31.6"

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    ok thanks.i got an 03 cobra and wantn to put a solid axle in it,and i was asking bc i can get a 8.8 for free from my cousin and ill just have to build it up.just didnt not how much of a spacer i would need to bring the wheels out,or if they have some wheels out there thatll work so the car dont look like its be narrowed with the wheels way in

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    i solid axle i can get for free is out of a foxbody

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