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    Well this is where I'm at right now. Give me some input or suggestions.

    Intake C\L=107
    Exhaust C\L=112

    Intake valve open =TDC
    Intake valve close= 36 abdc
    Exhaust valve open=40 bbdc
    Exhaust valve close=3 btdc

    In wondering about the lack of overlap around TDC

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    Keys hand filed for interference fit.

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    .375 difference on the intakes
    .875 difference on the exhaust
    I'm going to call it a day. Need to check PTV still. Assembled and dissembled at least 3 times and the numbers are consistently under 1 degree split.

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    You don't need the washer on the exhaust cam gear. Cloyes makes that silver hub out of hardened steel at the right height so no washer is req'd.


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    Figured I would post some pictures to go along with the video I'm going to upload of the degree process.

    Ptv checking spring worked fantastic.

    Arp 12 mm cam bolt 125 foot lbs with arp ultra torque.

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    Video to follow.

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    One hurdle I have found so far are my old lash adjusters are just too stiff. Some would hold the valve off the seats. I need to find some new ones. I wish I could afford the jesel ones. Some of mine off my old motor were stuck extended very far. So far that they held the valves of the seats. Are there any ways to prevent this from happening in the future? If I buy new ones from ford how do I know that at some point they don't over extend and get stuck.

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    Default Tdc

    TDC verification

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    Degree process.

    - - - Updated - - -

    PTV check video coming tomorrow.

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    was the keystock you bought carbon steel?

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    Yes. Really the only purpose for the key-stock was to allow consistency in the degree process not intended to hold without torque on cam bolts.

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