i wanted subframe connectors for my '94 'vert and at $104.95 the price was right. i googled for info on these and the only comments i could find were that they were steeda clones(they aren't steedas measure 1.25x2 and these are 1x2"), "accceptable" and one guys were covered with rust. mine came with no endcaps welded on them! i have had maximummotosports and a no-name brand for my SHO and they always came with the endcaps welded on them. i emailed the guy at blueoval and he offered a full refund if returned them but they weigh 22lbs and i had already spent an hour and a half welding the end caps on and a coat of primer. i asked for a partial refund but he ignored me. i filed a paypal claim for $40 but paypal opted to give me a full refund if i return them. he even lied to paypal that he had already offered to pay return shipping. these thing are made by SMR in CT so i'm sure he could have recouped his loss from them. initially i would have been happy with ten or twenty dollars for time and material but instead blueovalindustries opted to create badwill so i'm spreading the word. SPEND YOUR MONEY ELSEWHERE!