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    I wanted to post this in the 03/04 cobra section because i assume your front suspension setup is similar to the 99 cobra's. I plan on doing a 99 cobra front suspension. I am looking to daily drive this twin turbo 57mm cobra daily. I wanted to know do you think that the K-member from UPR is strong enough to use daily? If not will the stock front end be ok with 800 hp? I am into things handling well since i figure that the straight line performance will not be a problem with that much power. If you guys could chime in that would be great!

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    If you want to build a car that handles, I would be looking at a K like that built by Maximum Motorsports (and their associated accessories). I'm not sure it will clear your turbo set up, but it was built for that purpose. I think the UPR stuff is designed for weight reduction/straight line performance.


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