KENNYS96T BAD SELLER Eagle 3.750 steel crank "JUNK"

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    Default KENNYS96T BAD SELLER Eagle 3.750 steel crank "JUNK"

    I bought his junk and now am out a crank. He sold it stating std/std it came in std/.010 mains and all the mains where heat cracked so deep the race crank grinder turned it to check it and it would not clean up. He gave me back crank after test grinding it and said its "JUNK". I also won the Paypal decision that he miss represented the crank. I should of sent junk back.

    WARNING he is not a honest seller. I could see the heat cracks by my old bad eyes as soon as I pulled it from shipping box. I have pics of everything and all copies of Emails back and forth of how rude he was. He just wanted to dump his trash on another person.

    OH disregard all above! I have a nice used 3.750 crank for sale. Just a polish and it will be good as new. (joke)

    Here is his ad on here.​

    well i have 4 sale a used stroker kit eagle forged steel 4340 8 bolt 3.75 crankshaft, it could be polished or cut .010/.010 but its not too bad, its std size so its no prob.

    5.950 eagle rods have 1.889 honda journal and .866 pin the rods are all mint, matched to diamond custom forged 4v pistons 12cc 4 reliefs and small dish 9-1 comp range they are also mint and .020 oversize ,but yes clearenced to the stroker crank,
    pins and rings included, job # on pistons are 26148 they have 1.11 comp. height,very minor scuffing but very low mi. they are as good as a used set you will find, also they are not coated scrt design
    retail 2495.00
    asking 850.00 obo may part out
    i also have avail. sep. a wap and a teksid both std
    pics avail soon just shoot me your email, please no pic collectors just buyers!
    i decided to sell and just use a stock crank since i found a good deal on a set of forged flat tops

    I bought the "kit" off Ebay here is his ad.

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    how did this play out in the end? did you get your money back?

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    The end is now. I just got finial word from the crank grinder that crank is no good. I took Kens word that crank was "not too bad and would clean up no problem". Luckily the crank grinder did not charge me for all the test grinding on crank.

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    Did you get your money back for the crank or you just out the 800?

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    I got the shipping money back of 77 dollars. Thats it. He got $800 from me. You would not believe all the BS he claims. I'm looking for peeps in my area to witness crank and post there findings.
    Last edited by 351Blueblood; 04-23-2012 at 12:01 PM.

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    All lies...disregard 351blueblood
    He is 100% bull****ter
    Google him.....

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    Paid on Feb-02-12 via PayPal

    ford 4.6 dohc cobra stroker 5.1L
    290662869362 - Price: US $800.00Quantity:1
    Standard Shipping : US $89.00FedEx Ground or FedEx Home Delivery®
    Estimated delivery: Varies*
    This service delivers within 1 - 5 days after seller ships the item.
    US $800.00

    Payment Instructions:
    items over 300.00 i charge a 3% paypal fee,i forgot to put this in the auction,please split the difference with me if paying by paypal 1.5% is 12.00 fee.shipping 77.00 for both boxes800.00 for all itemstotal to paypal is 889.00your items will arrive in 3-7 days groundthanks for your purchaseke

    You can see at end of auction he also charged me 1/2 the paypal fee when NOT listed in his ad,

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    Whinings free

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    Selling junk parts will follow you.

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    Lying about what you bought doesnt count

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    Before I even bought kit I purposely ask him about the crank.

    From: 351blueblood
    To: 2manyfastbuicks4me
    Subject: Re: Other: 351blueblood sent a message about ford 4.6 dohc cobra stroker 5.1L #290662869362
    Sent Date: Feb-01-12 14:50:04 PST

    Dear 2manyfastbuicks4me,

    Hi Ken, I was wondering if I could get any more info on this kit? Was it your engine? How many miles ran,was it boosted or NOS hit? Why was it taken apart? I really want this. On the crank you say polish then could use a .010/.010 turn? I hope I don't come off like noob just like info. Thanks for your time. Frank

    - 351blueblood

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    I will soon have another board member here met me and check crank and post results. Then we will see who the liar is and what you will then spew. I am saving crank and all the markings on it that match your Ebay ad.

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    Here is crank at machine shop. You can see white writing on front of crank that matches this crank to his ebay ad. As you can see crank is -.010 on the mains as received.

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    Guys let me know if you can see the heat cracks in crank like I can. I put some red dykem on and then polished it to show area.
    Last edited by 351Blueblood; 04-23-2012 at 05:25 PM.

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    I do infact see the hairline cracks..

    Im kinda noobish to builds, but can you not grind the crank down to. 20 and use thicker bearings? Or is the hairline crack enough to make it scrap worthy?

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