car is a
04 Mach 1 bbk o/r X
Mac cat back exhaust K and N drop in air filter

Ok so i made myself a set for my O/R bbk x on my 04 Mach 1, originallyI cut all 4 wires not knowing that 2 were white.
So i soldered everything back together and ran it for a weekand it threw a code, it said that bank 1 sensor 2 heater had incorrectresistance.

I pulled it figuring that i had mixed up the 2 whitewires...... I was wrong when i went to run it, it threw 5 codes and blew fuse 8so i replaced the fuse pulled the DIY elems and donít dare try it again.

So my 2 options are
1) get new o2s and mil elems from American muscle for around180 or....

2) get an x3 with the bama tunes and have them turn off thedown stream sensor, that would be 370.

Iím a lil strapped for cash right now would the x3 be worththe price difference considering that besides a short throw shifter this will likelybe the last mod? and whatís the wait time for a tuner with the bama tunes fromAM

Any help would be appreciated