For Sale 94 GT....built and supercharged 32v

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    Default 94 GT....built and supercharged 32v

    Hey guys been throwing around the idea of selling my car so I figured id put it up here too just to see if anyone local wants it. Ive owned it 3 years, bought it from a guy in lincoln. Only reason I wanna get rid of it is bc i want a fox now and found one so this has to go. Exterior is really amazing for being almost 20 years old. The interior needs a little work bc the previous owner dyed the tan peices black, but still in exceptional shape. Also comes with a rear seat delete and SFC.
    4.6 DOHC
    10:1 compression
    Teskid block
    Diamond pistons and Manly Rods
    03 Cobra heads and Mach 1 Intake (has the 9 thread timsurts and cooling mod)
    97 Cobra Cams
    Vortech V1 SC making 8 psi with a 3.33 pulley
    BA3000 MAF
    Anderson Power Pipe
    T45....missing 3rd and 4th recently
    Spec Stage 2+ clutch
    4.10 gears.
    Fuel System:
    SD 60lb injectors
    PAS 340 fuel pump
    KB BAP
    Strange 10 way adjustable shocks
    Tubular K member
    Car has Cobra R hood and wheels wrapped with NT05 315s. Motor was built to handle 800 whp and wants way more than the v1 and 8 psi. Car made 490/410 at the wheels and will run 11s. Im sure ive forgot something so shoot me any questions. Asking 8500 as is or ill throw a tranny in it quick for 10500

    ya i know crappy cell phone pics haha

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    Very motivated seller. So i can pick up the foxbody

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    called hanlon motorsports today...said itd cost 1500 for a completely rebuilt tranny with the 26 spline upgrade. Also its most likely the 3-4 shiftfork as they are the mosty common thing to break and not the actual gears. Great car and alot of car for the price

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