For Sale Turbonetics Twin turbo 5.4L 3 valve Swap 100% compleat bolt in S197/F150

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    Default Turbonetics Twin turbo 5.4L 3 valve Swap 100% compleat bolt in S197/F150

    Hi, I am willing to take offers on My twin turbo 5.4L custom twin turbo Motor 100% compete kit for the S197 platform, should fit the 2004-2009 F150 also. this is a brand new build, zero miles on engine, fresh rebuild. I had a broken oil control ring that took out 1 cylinder so that cylinder was sleeved and now im ready to put it all back together, fresh build( still all apart) i am willing to work with the buyer. if he/she would rather me leave it apart for inspection that is fine. I not hiding anything. i drove this combination in my 2008 for 2 years and only put 2000 miles on it. i had a miss that kept me from running it on a dyno for all out runs to see the final power numbers. this winter i pulled it to find the broken oil control ring from piston instillation from day one, and am now ready to move on to other things. i have considered putting it all back in the car and listing it that way but think i can get more people interested who already have a 2005-10 mustang that are considering power adders/swaps for their cars. I am now a small shop owner in Michigan. but before all this started i was just a mustang fan with basic fabricating/welding skills. this whole build was built and pieced together by me. I researched all the necessary components to accomplish my goal of 1000 RWHP. Turbonetics was called and consulted with, along with Turbosmart, treadstone, and many other big performance shops that i am in with to accomplish my goal. I am willing to sell all related components to make this a bolt in/turn key deal for somebody willing to take that next steep and join one of two other know to have a twin turbo 5.4 3 valve in a S197. this build was built with the best components and nothing was skimped out on. I am sure i wll get lots of questions on this so i will try to be as detailed as possible with what included and needed to make this happen.

    motor: Block is a 2007 F150 3 valve, decked, line honed, 3.572 bore, ARP main and head studs, balanced rotating assem to zero Grams, not to a tenth like most machine shoppes
    New all forged 3.573 diamond pistons with ceramic coated tops and dry film coated skirts compression: 9.43:1
    Forged 8 bolt crank all standard size journals
    forged Modmaxx H beam rods with ARP 2000 bolts
    New king HP rod and crank bearings
    Stainless steel rings( must for turbo application running 20+ psi)
    Heads are ported and polished 2007 castings with upgraded springs for .600 lift
    Cams are stage 2 livernoise turbo
    New timing chain tensioners
    custom JPC fabed aluminum intake manifold
    Blue ford racing valve covers
    remote oil mount and adapter plate, needed for turbo install clearance
    Billet Steeda CMRC delete plates
    Gt500 TB
    all custom intake pipingAll custom Tig welded 304 stainless steel 3" exhaust with 3" x pipe, no cats, and custom cut Magna flo-Magnapac mufflers, cut down from 14" to 9". (sounds better) with no rattles and V band flanges
    Custom Tig welded 1/8 wall 304 stainless turbo headers, for long high heat use and no cracking from heat cycles.
    (2) turbosmart 40mm ultra gates wastgates
    1500 HP treadstone bar plate inter-cooler with 50mm Tial blow off valve, (2) 2.5: inlets and (1) 3" outlet
    SCT ba500 Maf meter with custom Intake tube
    all aluminum 2.5" Inter-cooler piping from turbos then stepped up to 3.5" for Maf tube
    Custom inlet transition from 3.5 to GT500 TB with inlets for Meth/water injection (if needed)
    can also include the complete fuel system if needed which consist of 3 fuel pump set up, 2 GT40 pumps and 1 stock mustang pump. a zone 5 triple FPDM, Drake return less fuel rails, 3 to 1 fuel block, stainless eliment filter, y block and all push loc lines and fittings.
    trans is a GT500 shelby 6 speed manual with only 2000 miles, trans mount, a Spec stage 3+ clutch and a MGW shifter and a powerhouse aluminum driveshaft
    (2) turbonetics custom turbos all ball bearing and water cooled.
    turbos have a t4 housing, stage 5 exhaust wheel( F1-62 wheel) T-61 compressor wheel, 2.4 Inducer, 58 AR on the hot side, basically the same build of the GTK 500 series turbo.
    I will let buyer know what all needs to be done to make this all work as far as relocating the pcm and battery and brackets that need to be fabed. i am just an average gye so it dont take a fabricating superstar to pull this off. there are many possibilities here and am willing to work with the buyer. I HAVE OVER $16,000.00 INVESTED IN PARTS ALONE, NO LABOR, so please dont low ball me on offers. it took me six months to pull this off and it turned out awesome. I have had a couple of high 9 second cars and this combo is as fast or faster to me and my brother, pulls like hell. full boost at 2500 RPM. I have only boosted it to 16PSI on 93 Oct and that is about all a street car can handle with out being stupid scary. i cant imagin what 20-25PSI. At 12 Psi i can break the tires loose on the highway (80 MPH) like it was standing still. I have never raced it down the 1/4 mile due to the bad cylinder, so sorry, no times. I have a tone of suspension upgrades as well that can be negotiated. as stated, all performance upgrades are comming of my car and it is going back to stock. theres way to much to list.
    Here is a link to the you tube video of the set up.h


    and more pics at my google account here:

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    Most of the above is no longer avail, 3 valveTurbo headers still for sale. Thanks

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