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    Default Secondary tensioner

    Im wanting to upgrade to it. Im not about to buy the entire kit for just the tensioner. Is anyone going to get moving on this or is some company that already sells the tensioner kit going to sell just the tensioner(which most modular guys want). I know there has been people kicking around the idea of doing one. I did remember someone that made there own but I cant seem to find the post(think it was on yellowbullet).

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    I think the chains are worth the upgrade as well IMO

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    Yes they are stronger ppl say. Thing is there isn't any strength problems with Ford ones. According to retailers of the kit the chain accounts for only 1.5 degrees of the problem while 4.5 degrees comes from the tensioner fix itself. Also majority of the cost comes from the chains. They would sell a lot more if they discarded the chains.

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