Hi guys,

I know many of you are also GM/Chevy owners, or were at one point. I've been involved with www.z28.com for a couple of weeks. The site has a lot of posts, 1.5 million, but here lately it's been struggling. If you have a Camaro or Firebird, used to have one, or have some good Chevy tech knowledge, I'd appreciate it if you can check out the site, post up, etc. Get 40 posts over there and I'll send you a free ModularFords.com t-shirt. The only restrictions are you can't just post "fluff", it's gotta be GM/Chevy/Camaro/Firebird related to count towards the total, and the 40 posts have to be made by January 1st. I am asking this as a personal favor, not as employee of ModularFords, since z28.com is completely separate - I'm paying for the t-shirts personally.