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    I have a 4.6 dohc engine out of a 1997 Mark 8 and I want to put it in my 34 Ford .I am going to put a carb on it. What is the cheapest way to set up the ignition system?

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    Get a harness and computer. There is a mod motor swap section that will give you a few nights of reading.

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    I was not reading.....your going carb. I would think msd has a solution for this set up. Check the swap section.

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    Hey...Just wanted to say hello and good luck with the project. I stuffed a 03-04 DOHC into my '33 Ford. Be ready to do some major firewall clearance, as the 4.6L DOHC engine is much larger then even a big block Chevy engine. I think your engine choice is great, I love keeping a Ford a Ford...That said, I would concentrate on finding the best way to get your new power plant working...and not the cheapest. By far, the BEST way would be to use the MSD Mod 6 box, as it will run the coil on plug ignition just fine. The rest is simply an aluminum intake and 4-BBL carb. True fully, I hate this set-up, as your taking a modern engine and running it cave man style. You could easily keep the electronic fuel injection and ignition, and run a modern engine for the same it cost to convert it. You just need a Telorvek wiring harness, and the OEM computer will plug right in and run the show....no problems and it can be tuned like a stocker, or up-graded at any time. Really a waste of good engineering, to go with a carb....just my thought.

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