'13 GT500 just decided not to start.

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    Default '13 GT500 just decided not to start.

    I have a friend of mine who has a 2013 GT500 with full boltons + steeda triple pass heat exchanger with dual fans.

    His car is on base tune but he had the codes


    Which basically was for the crank relearn process, he drove the car for 1 month with not alot of wots and drivability was just perfect, yesterday his car just suddenly decided to die without any CEL or any sound, After he popped the hood he noticed the air filter had fallen off but he is certainly sure it fell off hours before his engine decided to stop because he checked oil level that morning and everything seemd fine.

    The cars Fuel pump works fine, his oil is clean, plugs are clean but you do definatly feel the plugs are not igniting, We checked all the plugs n cops connections and no issues.

    What could cause this ?

    I also removed his supercharger belt to check the turning of the SC rotors and they are fine with zero issues.

    Tried removing battery, tried retuning, tried returning to stock. NOTHING.

    any tips or info is appreciated.

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    does the car even turn over?

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    If he has a sct x4, the crank relearn protocol is built in, under vehicle function. Follow it.

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