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Well here goes the build details.
I am in college now but in the next year or two i will probably be purchasing a 1999 cobra. Here is the build details and i want to get your feed back. I have been doing research for probably 2 years or more here is the current state of the build.

MMR M2500R Pistons 9.1:1 Compression ratio
Oliver or Carrillo Rods H beam or I beam billet rods
Mod Max Billet Crank or Cobra crank with micro polish and balancing
Hellion Turbo kit (might go with smaller turbos for streetablilty) 59mm probably
Teksid block .20 over to clean it up
B heads with a port and polish with stock cams
Titanium valve seats and titanum valves
Undecieded Valve Springs

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McLeod RXT Cluch
Stock Flywheel for street driving
T-56 Tranzilla or Magnum D&D Performance

Knock Sensors by
Laser Jammer

Tires & Rear End

3.55-4.10's (not sure yet)
Limited slip diff
03-04 Cobra Wheels with Nitros
31 Spline 03-04 Cobra half shafts
I'm shooting for 550 on pump gas as a daily driver tune at about 8psi and close to 900 or so on c16 or race gas and 18 psi
For the street tune it will be limited to 7,000rpm and for race tune 7,500
It will be helpful to note i will have probably 4 tunes via a programmer that will have on the fly adjustments

1. Street tune 92 pump gas 500-550
2. Agressive street tune 92 550-600
3. Race tune with c16 700-900
4. Detune (for when i hand the keys to my mom or sister) 400 hp

What do you guys think?

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No offence but come back in a year to 2 when you buy the car.

As of right now it makes no sence to buy a cobra to completely redue everything I would pick up a v6 or gt shell if I were you.

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Well i already have a v6 and i rebuilt it from the ground up and i am looking to sell my motorcycle and start fresh with a low mileage cobra. I was just trying to see if you guys see any holes in this build.

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why not buy a 03/04 built? or low mileage and add onto it?

your talking about big $$$
i just did my 99 fragged engine and rebuilt, twin turbo and so on and im in about $30k i wish i would have bought a stock 03/04 and just added on for the $ i spent.

also 10:1CR & E85 if its in your area is the way to go.

I dont see the reason to buy a 99 tear is apart and put a T56 and all this stuff in it, not knocking you but you can save SO much if you plan it out the right way.

Hell I may even sell my 99 in the next year or 2 Ill sell you mine!!
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