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I'm selling my 1999 35th Anniversary convertible. I've owned it since 2001. I looking to get $15,000 for it. I have most of the big item receipts

Mod List:

Power Adder:

Hellion turbo kit with a 76mm Turbonetics

Engine Build:

VT 302 stroker shortblock with 2k miles on it
-Moroso Race Oil Pan
-stock heads
-Manley valve springs with titanium retainers

Fuel System:
-03 cobra pumps
-60# Injectors
-stock rails
-Boost a pump

Computer Management:
- SCT Pro Racer Package

-Mac LT headers
-X pipe
-Dynomax bullitt muffers wiuth turn downs

-Newly freshened up TKO
-Cynergy stage 3 clutch
-Cynergy Aluminum Flywheel
-Mcleod Scattersheild
-Stock driveshaft
-Moser 33-Spline Axles & C-Clip Eliminators
-Moser Race Spool
-FoMoCo 3.55 Gears
-TA performance Rear End Girdle
-Welded Axle Tubes

-Maximum Motorsports 4-Bolt C/C Plates
-Lakewood 90/10 Drag Struts
-D&D Tubular K-Member
-QA1 Tubular A-Arms
-UPR CoilOvers
..14" 150# Springs
-Steeda Subframe Connectors
-UPR Double Adj. Upper Control Arms
..UPR Spherical Bearings
-UPR Adj. Lower Control Arms
-Custom 8 pt Roll Bar
-Stock V8 rear springs

-Autometer Shift Light
-Autometer Boost Gauge
-Autometer fuel pressure gauge
-Autometer water temp gauge
-Autometer oil pressure gauge
-Dynojet Wideband
-RJS 5 Point Race Harness ( Black )

-Keanen 4 1/2"Cowl Hood

Race Wheel Setup:
- 15x3.5 Weld Racing Darg Lites

- 15x10 Weld Racing Drag lites
(28x10x15 Mickey Goodyear Slicks )


If interested post up here or send a PM. I'll get more pics up later in the week once I find more pics.


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The motor still has 2k on it and the body has 99k. Yes it has all the interior. Here is pic with the top down. RCI seats up front, stock one still in back.It does have a street tune right now. Makes 600hp corrected with 17 psi of boost.


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Hey.... Can you post some pictures of that car here, Actually i am a car dealer and i am looking for Mustang car and the configuration you are saying, i have no problem with that and i am interested a lot, so it is still available for sale!!!

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Is the car streetable? Any 1/4 miles numbers with this setup?
It's very streetable, with the TKO its does fine down the highway at 2000 rpm around 65mph. I went 11.60 @ 120 on the tune it has now at 5800 ft.
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