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"GRN 00 GT" is for sale.

2000 Mustang GT 4.6L SOHC 6 speed Saleen Supercharged.

Some of the pictures are old, the top 2 pictures are the newest and were taken in August/Sept 2009. pm me or email what you want pictures of, it would only allow me to upload 6 pictures, so I tried to include what I could. In email I can send exactly what someone may want to see. It is 15*F presently and won't go above freezing for a couple of days, so I won't be able to wash and take fresh pictures for a few days. The dash, seats, etc all are great shape, the car mostly saw me on the way to work each day with little passenger activity.

Car has 121,8xx miles on stock engine. (This will go up a little since I drive it daily)
Almost all mileage is highway. I drive to work 75+ miles a day round trip.
At 114,000 miles it averaged 25.5mpg on 2 tanks of gas using cruise control & 6th gear between TN and PA.

Passed TN Smog inspection in July 2009 with all current mods installed.

Must run 93 Octane fuel or use the alternate SCT XCal tune for 91-92 Octane fuel which is loaded in the Xcal2 programmer (included in sale).


White face gauges
Steeda 3 bolt Caster / Camber Plates
Steeda adjustable clutch quadrant cable
Polyurethane motor mounts
2 1/2" Fowmaster American Thunder Series 40 Catback system (Only 6,000 miles on kit)
Mosaleen Custom serpentine belt idler
112" Goodyear Gatorback serpentine belt
Palm Pilot III with OBD2 interface for realtime IAT and ECT monitoring (not included with sale, it is a plug in for OBD2)
BBK Roush 75mm Throttle body
90 mm Ford lightning MAF meter
42# FMS injectors
Ford Racing 373 gears
Saleen Series IV Supercharger & 2.8" pulley
SCT X-cal handheld with 2 custom JDM Engineering tunes (Jim III's dad wrote both tunes for this car that are loaded in the XCal2)
Demolet 100mm Cold air kit with Green filter
Mobil 1 synethic in Engine & T-56
new pre-1994 8.8 rear end bearings (1994 to present are crap)
Metal tint, Tinted windows
1999 Mustang Cobra rims
Sumitomo HTR3 255-40-ZR17's
2 1/2" UPR "X" pipe with dual converters
Eibach sportline lowering springs
Poly Lowering bushings for steering rack
Suspension aligned at -1 Camber, 4.5 Deg Caster (Toe in set to Ford's spec.)
Spec stage 2 Clutch
Detroit Truetrac differential
2003 Cobra aluminum driveshaft
2004 Cobra T-56
Pro-5.0 shifter
UPR 1/2" driveshaft spacer
Chicane intercooler upgrade
AFCO Extreme Dual pass Heat exchanger for 03-04 Cobra with Cobra brackets
UPR UCA & LCAs with Poly bushings except for the 2 new stock rubber axle housing bushings
Kenne Bell Boost a pump set at 35%
Innovate LC-1 stand alone wideband with gauge
Autometer dual gauge bezel
Autometer phantom series vacuum/boost gauge
Reverse lockout in T56 wired to brake light switch
NGK 7BREF Spark plugs gapped to 0.035 (2 steps colder than stock)
There are probably other mods I forgot, but that is most of them.

This car is pretty well known on this forum and has done a lot of testing since little information was readily available for the Saleen Series IV blowers. The car has always performed perfectly in weather 0*F to 107*F temperatures which it has driven in in the past 3 years while supercharged.

Extra info:

The buyer will be given the following old Saleen Series IV kit parts in case they want to only run the 5-6# setup.

Stock 80mm MAF
FMS 30# injectors (~15,000 miles on them)
Stock 114.5-115" Saleen Serpentine belt for Series IV
Stock Saleen Series IV 3.125" (6# pulley)
Stock Saleen powerflash for 6# pulley (3.125") is saved in the Xcal2 programmer.
Tires have about 10,000 miles on them.

Car has had Mobil 1 5-30 synthetic run in it since around 50,000 miles and does not smoke.

I have had the car for over 6 years now and am just ready to get another Vette. This car has never left me and other than a dead battery, has always started perfectly.

There are no tears in the factory leather or carpet and the car has never been smoked in since I have had it and when I got it with 24,9xx miles it had no smoke smell and the lighter was brand new.

The bad:
There is a small ding in the rear where my wife bumped it in the garage a couple of years ago on the drivers rear it needs touch up for the scratch. I will wash the car and get a good picture of that.

The rear trunk lid has a paint blemish or stain under the clearcoat, it is around the size of a quarter and when clean and waxed is not very noticeable.

There is a scrape on the rear bumper where something scratched the car in the garage. I will post a picture of that when I get a chance or if someone asks for one.

The driver's side window glue needs to be redone in the bottom of the channel also. Window rolls up, just tilts a hair.

*******If I close to asking price or higher for the car:

The brake rotors and pads have a replacement warranty and I will replace all 4 pads and rotors prior to sale of the car.

I will replace the spark plugs (NGK BR7EF), fuel filter and give the supercharger its 25,000 mile oil change. (Special Synthetic NYE oil)

I will also reglue the driver's side window glass which is a little loose.

Metalic Tint is 6 1/2 years old and has wear on the windows and the driver's side is starting to peel on edges.

Email is best to contact me since I work in a Power plant M-F and either can't hear my phone or due to duties at work, can't answer it often.

I have never taken the car to a drag strip and it has never been Dyno'ed. I am running a conservative tune written by JDM Engineering which should put down between 360-400 whp depending on the weather. The A/F ratio is 14.7 while driving non boost and when you go WOT, it drops to around 11.4 and stays there to redline.

No low ball offers please, If I can't get close to asking price, I won't sell. No trades please. No JOY RIDES! I hate to have to say that but when I sold my 89 5.0 5 speed, I got a lot of joy riders. =(


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man sux to see it go, but the new car will be fun. this car seemed to be well taken care of when i saw it and sounded nice

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Update on pictures

Here are some pictures of the car taken today. I haven't had a chance to wash it yet or vacuum the interior, but they will give an idea of the condition of the car, especially the interior.

I know the interior is dusty, I will wipe it down this week.
The rear driver's side has a ding where the wife bumped it in the garage and the black line below the bump is the plastic bumper where she rubbed the paint off. It just needs touch up there, I was going to get that fixed, but haven't had the time to get it done.

The interior is in excellent shape, the outside of the car is in good-great shape.

The car now has 123,xxx miles, so it will have some scratches and dings, but nothing major.
When I wash and vacuum it, I will post those pictures.

Attached is information on the Saleen Series IV supercharger installation, Lysholm 1600 blower spec sheet, and Mosaleen Idler information all in PDF format.

Here is the VIN for anyone interested in running a Carfax on it. 1FAFP42X6YF173706


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Price drop to $9000

Lowered price to $9000 and listed it locally. PM any questions that you might have. Car has been very reliable and fun to drive. Just selling because I have too many "toys" right now. =)

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maintenance performed & washed car =)

Changed oil (5w-30 Mobil 1 with Motorcraft FL-820s filter)
Replaced spark plugs with new NGK BR7EF's gapped to 0.035"
Replaced all 4 rotors and pads on all 4 corners.
Replaced battery
Washed and vacuumed car.

It was a little dark, but I got some pictures taken. I'll try to take some tomorrow and post them if it is sunny.
Here are the pictures, I still need to dust the interior, and wipe it down, but that is about all the detailing it needs now.

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