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its a variety of parts.didnt want to have to go in every catagory and post a few thing here and there.everything good condition.

1.back seat,top and bottom charcoal w/grey inserts 275.00
2.stock k-member,a-arms,struts,springs 150.00
3.stegmiere ported blower.stock plenum and throttlebody 450.00 SOLD4.trunk lid 400.00 SOLD5.supercharger and engine coolant can 45.00 for both
6.irs rear suspension,works perfect,aftermarket braces.everything included 875.00 SOLD
7.mafia adapter 60.00
8.stock manifolds 40.00
9.stock catback with welding mufflers 75.00
10.stock brushed aluminum wheels with tires 450.00
11.mass air meter 70.00
12.egr valve,sensor,tube 40.00
13.stock mid pipe 75.00
14.pulley puller 40.00
15.odd ball things 2000 cobra engine bay harness,brand new 100.00
16.2000 cobra body harness 100.00 brand new.

any questions etc,pm me.ill have pics tomorrow evening when i get home,thanks john
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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