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2003 Cobra Shortblock 33k miles in MD

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S/B has 33k miles on it. Only issue on it is one of the bolt housings is broken and will need to be re welded on. Block is currently on an engine stand in my garage. Was taken out of a wrecked 03 Coupe in PA and I brought it back to my place. No issues with the engine, flywheel spins freely. Pick up has to be local as I just freight shipped a transmission 1 week ago and went through hell to do it, not to mention the price has gone through the roof. I would be willing to ship if you're willing to pay for it.

Asking $1500 obo

This image shows what the threaded bolt hole connected to the engine stand is suppose to look like.

Now this image shows the right side of the engine in the exact location but the thread bolt hole is broken, thus it not being connected to the engine stand in that spot.

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Try changing your font color to automatic or black. The light gray font against the white forum background looks like there is no type on some screens.

Another thought might be to photograph the damaged bolt boss so the potential buyers can better assess if they want to sign up for the repair effort.

Good luck with your sale,

Will do, thanks.
This was sold a while back.
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