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Before I go into the shootout details I need to thank the following people for their work this weekend. This years Modular Shootout went as smooth as it did because of the following reasons.

Scott Winger - Deserves many thanks because he spent many endless hours with me on the phone and at trade shows trying to help recruit sponsors. Scott was my soundboard for all the tough decisions that needed to be made. Scott was also very instrumential in relieving my time so I could use my time more effectively. I could not do a Shootout without Scott.

Bob Cosby - Bob ran the show this past weekend and did one HELL OF A JOB. I would never consider doing another race event without Bob Cosby as our race director. Bob kept everything running smoothly and his attention to detail and I put him up there against any other director. This man is the real deal, and I rely on him heavily. I can not thank you enough.

Tim Manes - The world's best announcer. Tim has done an incredible job for us since joining our team in 2001. He's added great dimensions to our video as well.

Mark Clancy - Another person I rely heavily on. Mark's attention to detail is awesome. He works his butt off during every shootout. Mark means a lot to this team, and I could not do one without him as well.

Jose Colan - Did one hell of a job with the car show this year. This was JC's first year directing the car show and he did great. JC organized many of the details behind the scenes. Those details take up a large amount of time. I recognize that effort and thank you very much. Thanks to Eric Greene and Tom Crews for being judges and doing such a great detailed job on that end.

Jeff Polivka and Mitch Mastens This is the most thankless job in all of racing. Everyone hates the tech guys, especially the ones that make the rules. Jeff spent a great amount of time and thought into the rules and making them the best possible. Mitch gave us the added experience of a national race event tech director. Thanks to both.

Richie Park, Brian Ring, Deb and Rich thanks for all the help that you gave us in the sun this weekend. They worked very hard behind the scenes to make the event run great.

My wife Monique: The woman behind the scenes. She's the person that sends out the DVD's, T-shirts, tickets, sponsor packages in the mail. She's the one answering the questions to all the racers at registration. She's sacrificed much our finances to put on a great show for everyone. She puts up with a lot of crap, and noone knows how dedicated and hard working she is like I do.

Tom Monaghan for the real time updates on the web through out the weekend. Tom drove all the way from Boston just to give you guys live updates. Special thanks to Publish to Go.

Sponsors: Without them you can't have a race.

I would like to thank True Blue Performance for stepping in late as our title sponsor.

CDC stepped in and became our title sponsor for the car show. Without CDC you wouldn't see the nice chairs that were bought nor would you see cash prizes. They have been great to work with.

Houston Performance - Steves been a loyal supporter of our event from the beginning. HP has shown a true committment to Modular Racing.

Steeda - Another loyal sponsor from the beginning that has shown a true committment into us. Thanks Dario and Joanne.

Pro M/VT Comp - Thanks guys for putting on a great Open comp class. I would like to thank Scott Beer and the Cushman Brothers for their great support of our event over the past years as well. I really appreciate all ther great verbal support you always give us. It makes a difference when you add them all up together. - Thanks Mike and John for sticking with us through Rockingham and believing in us that we could pull it off.

JDM - Thanks for saving the truck class because of the NMRA confliction. We loved working with Jim and we want JDM involved with anything that we do in the future.

Performance Fuel Systems/Modular Madness - Special thanks for saving a great class when our sponsor bailed on us. As it turned out the 4vpa class had a great turnout and had some great action in it. Promoters hat off.

Anderson Motorsports and Borla Exhaust systems - Thanks for joining us this year and having the confidence that we could pull it off.

Special thanks to our other event sponsors that have stayed with us thru thick and thin. They are The, JBA, MSD, C&L Performance, MV Performance, AJE, Creative Performance Racing, Dynamic, La Roccas and Accufab.

Thanks to our new sponsors this year that joined our team including, Steen Racing, JMS, South Florida Pulley, JE Pistons, ITS Turbo, Edelbrock, and Ross Pistons.

Sean Hyland Motorsports For coming down and bringing the entire family, friends, and workers. It was great to see Sean Hyland race as well. I think that is a first ANYWHERE outside of his roadracing he used to do.

Last but certainly not least is National Trails Raceway. National Trails has been a real pleasure to work with and they went beyond our expectations of what we expected from a track. Their level of professonalism and organization was just AWESOME.

With the thank you's out of the way. Lets get into the race.

This years race had many improvements. The heads up classes had incredible increases in car count. Last years race had more bracket cars than Mod Motor cars. The 2VNA class went from 2 racers to 11. Both power adder classes had great car counts, The 03 Cobra class had 13, and the truck class was full. Having Billy and John as our headliners paid off very good. They put on a very good show. We had our largest Manufacturer Midway ever with 28 vendors! IN talking with as many racers as I possibily could in 2 days the consensus appears to be that everyone had a great time, and would like to see another race.

As for the future of the Modular Shootout we need to take a step back and evaulate where we are. I will be busy for the next 2 months producing the highlight video. During that time we will be talking to sponsors. My wife and I will also be thinking deep about whether or not we can committ ourselves to a 6th event to the level of committment (time and money) that this race requires. We will let everyone know in about 2 months where we stand.

We want to thank everyone that came out and supported us this year. Every participant made the difference of the level of success this race had. I want to thank each and everyone one of you for sticking with us, and showing your support. I wont forget it.

Special Congrads to Randy Haywood for winning Racer of the year.

WE just uploaded about 150 pictures on the official website for those that missed the race.

Dave King

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Great event Dave! I hope you do it again next year!

I'll be there,

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