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I am gauging interest on the sale of my vehicle. It is sad to let her go, but I am going back to school and resetting my priorities so it has to happen.

This is a fully built car by Strictly Performance! Every part is a name brand, proven part and I have receipts for EVERYTHING. Each part was either purchased from Strictly Performance, or from vendors on this forum. It is in excellent condition and it very well taken care of. I change the oil to Mobil 1 Synthetic every 2000 miles, it is overkill but better safe than sorry.

The car has been my daily driver until a few months ago and has full interior and behavior of a daily driver. Definately a grocery getter that gets down!

It has made 710hp/640trq on PUMP gas, 19psi and 16deg of timing advance. Before the motor broke in, it made 705hp/666trq on 110oct and 650hp/640trq on pump gas. All the same boost level. I have all dyno sheets available.

The car has not been taken down the 1320 with the new setup at it's full potential. It went 10.5 @ 132mph on pump gas, babying it down the track and heatsoaked when the car was first built.

2004 Oxford White Mustang Cobra SVT, has 36000 miles on chassis, Engine has 1200 miles.

Powertrain/Engine mods:

302ci Stroker motor with:
Diamond Pistons with Polydyn thermal coating
Manley Rods
Eagle crank, balanced and blueprinted
Fully Ported and Polished Heads w/custom Crower cams, Ferrera titanium retainers and stock sized valves
Kenne Bell (KB) 2.8H supercharger, pullied for 19psi
Full returnless fuel system:
60# injectors
-8AN fuel line from front to back
CPR fuel rails
Fore Precision Fuel Hat with 2 Ford GT40 pumps
Dual FPDMs with lethal performance harness
JLT Big Boost CAI w/12" filter in the fender
Accufab single blade TB
SCT2800 BigAir MAF
Kooks Custom headers 1 5/8" long tube headers w/offroad X-pipe
Bassani catback exhaust
LFP heat exchanger
LFP intercooler reservoir
Diablosport Revolution custom tuned by Strictly Performance, 2 tunes, pump/race gas
NGK TR6 plugs gapped @ .030
Hurst Line Lock
Centerforce DFX clutch with 5000 miles
Fidanza aluminum flywheel
Liberty 26spline input shaft
Transmission was rebuilt 2 years ago with the steel 3-4 shift forks and viper gears


DSS Level 5 halfshafts
Baer Bearclaw Drilled Rotors front and rear
EBC green brake pads
Urethane IRS bushings and bolt upgrade
MGW Shifter
Steeda Lowering springs
Lakewood 90/10 front struts and 50/50 rears
FR500 chrome wheels 17x9 fronts, 17x10.5 rears w/ BFG DRs on rear, goodyears up front
Bullit Side Scoops
HID 6k headlights and foglights
Autometer Phantom boost gauge
Innovate Motorsports LC-1 Wideband 02
Autometer Dash cluster gauge pod
Full Length custom Subframe connectors by Strictly Performance w/front and rear jacking stands
MJ's IRS brace
Steeda airbags in rear springs

A/C, Power steering and all accessories have never been removed and are in perfect working condition. Interior has never been removed either, seats are in excellent condition, rear seats rarely used and still look brand new.

The car's history has been my daily driver and weekend warrior since I purchased it back in 2004. It has never been abused and has not had the head tick, or any other major complications. It has all the necessary cooling and maintenance mods necessary for what I use it for, and will withstand any kind of lead foot any of you guys have!

ALL work has been done by Strictly Performance and myself, so they are very familiar with the car, as am I.

I am a former employee and good friends with the crew and owner of Strictly Performance. After purchase of this vehicle if you ever need any history or more information on it, I will always be available and so will Strictly to answer any questions. The car has only ever been worked on by Strictly Performance so you can confide in the fact that is the car performs up to and exceeds your standards for the ultimate street machine.

This is the perfect dream street car. I am a pure street car person, and if you do a search you can find a history of the car on these forums and other related forums. I built this car with driveability first, power 2nd. Everything I have done, I have made sure it does not effect that fact that I can start the car and go to the movies, while at the same time outperform 99% of the cars I see on the street.

I am asking $35,000 OBO. It has well over $30k in mods, and as you can tell from the list, all are top of the line modifications as well as the labor put into the work. Currently the car is in the shop getting last minute maintenance and a tune-up so it will be fresh for the new owner. But it will be available shortly.

I will have additional pics soon.

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