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2006 Mustang GT 3650 removal problems!!

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Two questions, which I couldn't find by searching. The slave cylinder fitting- it is black with what looks like a metal clip going through it. How does it come off? Second, I have the trans two inches out from the motor, and it is hung up on the input shaft and the starter area against the tunnel. I tilted the motor/trans so there was about two and a half inches of space between the tailshaft mount and the tail shaft, as a reference to how much I tilted it back. I am doing this on a four post lift, and thought it would be easy but it has turned into a bit of a bear! Thanks in advance Greg
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Pull the clip and remove. And to remove the trans clock 45 degs. And angle the back of the trans down. Make sure its secure to your trans jack.

Thanks again. My tranny jack is going to be a challenge, but will figure out how to rotate it to get it out. I assume I go counter clockwise?
Yup that's how I do it but I seen others go the other way.
Final note; got it out, hope I don't need to do this again. Thanks!
I cut off the mounting tab the factory uses, just above the starter. That ought to free up some room. Will post results.
Cutting off that upper factory mounting tab was the ticket! As I said above, I cut off the one right above the starter bulge on the flywheel housing. That is the one that catches on the tunnel when you rotate clockwise to get the trans out. Getting it back in was fairly easy after that, just need a lot of angle to get the input shaft into the clutch opening, then jockey it up into place, raising and reducing the angle a little as you go. Getting it to go that last 1/2 inch is a bear, but not so bad if you VERY CARREFULLY use the bolts at 9 and 3 o'clock on the bell housing. Finger tighten only, evenly, check all around for the same gap, then wiggle the trans around till you can finger tighten them some more. Keep doing this till you have it very close, then I finished it using a ratchet, but being very careful to monitor how much it takes to pull it together. It shouldn't take much torque at all, or something isn't right. Putting the trans back in place and torquing the bolts took about an hour doing it this way. I would definitely figure out a way to reach up in the bell housing area and cut that ear off BEFORE I try and remove another trans that still has the mounting tab. Its purpose is done, get rid of it and make life easy. It should be possible to make up a long tool to reach it with a hacksaw blade attached. It will take a while to cut off, but not near as long as fighting the trans to get it out.
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