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Life has me moving on and other projects now take priority leaving me with little time to play like before. There are not many cars on the road that you can't annihilate with over 600 rwhp and still cruise the drive ins with you're a/c blasting. I've come to a point where I am willing to part with my car that has been a growing project over the last 3 years. I have invested a lot of sweat, time and money which someone else can now enjoy. The car started as a GT Premium package with black on black leather and My Color dash option. It now has the following:

Livernois built 298 with Kellogg crank, Diamond ceramic coated pistons, Manley rods all held together with ARP hardware
Livernois crank scrapper
FRPP oil pump
Afco dual core radiator
Livernois Stage III heads
Comp Cams 127300
Livernois limiters
Black powder coated valve covers and front cover
Prothane engine mounts
SCT handheld tuner
Steeda tensioner

Whipple 2.3L supercharger
Steeda 10 rib pulley kit
Afco dual core dual pass heat exchanger
JLT carbon fiber intake tube
FRPP 62 mm twin bore throttle body
Diablo MaFia

Kooks headers with header wrap
Kooks catted X pype
Corsa mufflers

Eibach lowering springs, shocks, struts, sway bars and billet end links
Che K-member brace and torque limiters
Steeda adjustable upper and lower control arms
Steeda X5 ball joints
Steeda bump steer kit
BMR relocation brackets
BMR adjustable panhard bar and brace
Goodmark stainless steel braided brake lines
Shelby Redline wheels. Rears have been custom widened to accommodate 305 mm Nitto 555R's and an additional set of rear wheels with BFG KDW IIs.

Factory TR-3650 with MGW shifter
Ram HD clutch
PRW billet steel flywheel
FRPP stainless steel braided clutch line
Dynotech prototype driveshaft
BMR driveshaft safety loop

GT500 fuel system with 72 lb/hr injectors

Steeda cowl induction hood
GT500 rear spoiler
Tinted windows

This car was built and tuned by Livernois Motorsports. It makes over 600rwhp and is guaranteed to put a smile on your face every time!


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Not trying to hate but with the way the market will be lucky to get low 20's :(
Unfortunately I am painfully aware the market isn't moving in the right direction...I just got off the phone with a coworker who wanted to disucss our employers version of a 401k after this last week on the stock market.

The way I view it is if someone wants to pay low 20's they can purchase a used GT, build their own, deal with all the down time, headaches, etc. and still be out more money than what I am asking and possibly not have the same performance. On the other hand, they can bite the proverbial bullet and walk away with the keys and title to a turn key car with better than OEM street manners that you can cruise up to the corner store with the a/c and stereo cranking to get coffee in the morning and then rip off 10 sec track times that evening while still hit some twisties on the drive home.

I still have a handful of extra set of rear wheels and tires, Fluidyne heat exchanger, Fore fuel rails, hat, triple Walbros, lines, fittings, etc. All just sitting in boxes that could get tossed in for the right consideration. Or I just might install them this winter and keep the car. There is no pressure to sell so if I don't get the right numbers it stays in my garage and under goes more "surgery"!

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if you are spanking vipers and shit how have you not destroyed that tranny
No one ever said spanking. Im not that nieve or out of touch with reality. This particular Viper was out on I-696 heading towards the Woodward Dream Cruise when he "expressed" his desire to play...and we all know dead hooks are what really kill drivetrain parts.
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