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2011 5L Cammed Tune - Special Sale

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Do you own a 2011 or newer 5L Mustang? Are you looking for our Stealth Cam tune or to make your Mustang sound like it has Ghost Cams? Get that old school muscle car big cam sound with our Mustang 5L Stealth Cam tune. If you already have an SCT tuner then a custom mail order tune is a great option to free up power in your 2011 Ford Mustang GT 5.0L.

Mustang Stealth Cams Tune Video

[URL="]Torq Stealth Cams Mail Order Tune
Typical gains with our dyno proven custom tunes are anywhere from 25-45RWHP and 20-40RWTQ depending on what your car dyno's stock. Quickly and easily increase the throttle response, fuel economy and horsepower and torque from your Mustang. Easily the best mod you can make even to a stock Mustang.

You get the same great benefits as if you purchased your SCT tuner from Torq and we will simply e-mail the tune to you along with instructions on how to install it on your programmer. Our custom tunes will give you the fastest throttle response possible, increased HP, the maximum torque possible at cruise, lower RPM's, WOT and often improved MPG. Torq's custom tunes are a far cry from your basic aftermarket tune. We have years of experience and R&D invested into our tunes to give you more benefits than just a peak HP gain on the dyno. With multiple modifications performed to many parameters within the torque management, adaptive learning, and drive by wire tables it is common to reduce quarter mile ET's by as much as a half second. We are constantly working on improving the overall power and drive-ability of our stealth cams tune files. Please keep an eye on our facebook for free update announcements.
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