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2011 V6 JLT CAI showed up today!

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A 2011 V6 Cold Air Intake from JLT! Carbon fiber, smooth bends, reinforced coupler, large heatshield with pinch seal for the hood. This thing is sick!

Anyone want to wager a guess what the gains are going to be?

This is going on our 2011 and on the dyno Monday or Tuesday!
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Are you going to need a tune to see the advantages of a bolton CAI?
The advantages of a tune overtop of this intake are going to be the driveability, throttle response, etc. We will see if the tune is able to do anything power wise once we see the air/fuel ratio with only the CAI bolted-on. We'll do a new baseline run, a run with just a tune, a run with just the intake and a run with the intake and a tune. That should give us pretty conclusive results!
Looking forward to the dyno results!!
I did have a chance to test two of the popular intake options for the 2011 V6 again last week. The dyno results will be up later today or tomorrow at the latest. We're trying to organize them a little bit, so there's not 40 lines on a graph.

The JLT, C&L and Airaid (Bama) intakes for the 2011 V6, so far... ALL have had the same air/fuel ratio before and after the installation. This is great news, for those scared of a tune. For those scared of a tune, the bad news is that you're probably also scared of sunlight and the Easter bunny. I keed, I keed!

There are so many benefits when running a custom tune. The increased throttle response, driveability, horsepower and torque are just the beginning. Gas mileage, future mod support, ability to recalibrate the speedometer, datalog, read & clear DTCs, it's amazing.

So the testing we've done shows that these 3 intakes, when thrown on a stock 11 v6, add between 10-15 RWHP. You add a tune and you get another 8-10RWHP. The combination is worth 18-25 RWHP and the gains for both hp/tq throughout the curve are awesome as well. Now that makes the intake look like the important part of the equation. However, adding just a tune alone adds 15-20 RWHP. That makes the intake look less important. The point is:

An intake alone adds 10-15 HP/TQ

A tune alone adds 10-20 HP/TQ

Together they add 18-25 HP/TQ

I think that going with both is huge. Yes, if you start with an 87 octane pull and then run 93 with a CAI you're going to see 25+RWHP all day long. This is true. I was going off of 93 octane results both stock and modded.

Basically, if you add the CAI first, it makes the tune numbers appear to be not worth it.

If you add the tune first, it makes the CAI numbers appear to be not worth it.

If you look at the benefits, there IS reason to have both.

The tune gives you better driveability in general. You get a cleaner tune, optimized for your octane level, throttle response, automatic get increased shift pressures, faster/firmer shifts, and again, 3 different maps that alow you to pick what style of driving matches your favorite custom tune. Also datalogging, read/clear check engine lights, better MPG, etc. This also supports any future modifications that you do (especially if purchased from Bama with free tunes for life!

The CAI gives you the added performance, added MPG, and supports future modifications. The intake is going to create more and more power as your air requirements increase. If you add long tube headers, you'll lose alot more than 3-5 horsepower by switching out the intake for the stock air box. I hope this makes sense. That and they look sweet! Also, you're going to notice a very slight decrease in your intake air temperatures. That, plus the filter is cleanable and reusable.
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Can't wait to get the headers finished for our V6. Looks like we will adding the CAI as well now!
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