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2012 BOSS 302 Mustang Makes 1,029 RWHP!

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We just made 1,029 RWHP and 878 RWTQ on the Dyno with 23lbs of Boost through an F1 ProCharger on Rick Wilson's Yellow Blaze 2012 BOSS 302 Mustang.

This was done using ONLY ONE Power Adder and E85 (Pump Gas) making it the Highest Horsepower Coyote/Road Runner in the World.

Current Modification List: Built L&M Engines 5.0L 4V Engine, L&M Engines Custom Cams, Valve Springs, F1 Procharger, 105lb Fuel Injectors, Return Fuel System, American Racing 1 7/8 Longtube Headers with 3.5" Collectors, Borla S-Type Catback Exhaust, Ford Racing 3.73 Gears, 20" Wheels and Tires, Custom Tuned By Jon Lund.

This is the same car that was featured in the November 2011 Issue of 5.0 Mustang & Super Fords Magazine.

Check back over the weekend to see the dyno video.

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Holy CHit,,,This is awesome results,,Hats off to Evolution,Procharger,L&M etc...
You guys keep on trucking ,the R&D is much appreciated in the Mustang Community...
WOW! Very impressive. 23 psi!!! Manual transmission I assume?
Yes, Stock MT-82 Manual Transmission and Stock BOSS Clutch.
Is the Boss clutch different than the GT clutch? I assume if the Boss clutch is different, it will fit in the GT. That will be the clutch I will get if this is the case.
Thats is sick. Dyno vids are cool but...When will we get to see this beast at the track?
Thats is sick. Dyno vids are cool but...When will we get to see this beast at the track?
Going to run it on PINK"S :imao:
Thats impressive for an F1C. That blower must be underrated since thats about 1200 at the crank already.
Very impressive performance indeed. I am curious at what power level you thought the Boss motor needed some attention or different parts? How far do you figure you can push the stock Boss motor and still retain fairly long life?
Very impressive!!!!
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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