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Ford Racing M-5230-M4SC Mustang EcoBoost Sport Axle-Back 2015

Today we show you how to install a Ford Racing by Borla Sport Axle-Back on a 2015 Mustang EcoBoost. The new EcoBoost Mustang is quite fun to drive, its light its quick, unfortunately its also very quiet. Most Mustang enthusiast want to hear their car rumble down the road. Ford Racing teamed up with Borla to give you a little more of that muscle car sound with their Sport axle-back.

Installation is easy, except you have to cut off the factory muffler. Once removed though, you just bolt in the axle-back and go. The sound was much more aggressive than the factory, you notice it as soon as it starts up that it is aftermarket. The chrome tips help give your rear a much better look as well, they really fill out the cut-outs for the factory exhaust.

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