oil separator in 08 2.6L kit

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    Default oil separator in 08 2.6L kit

    I purchase a 08 gt with a kennebell stage 1 kit already on the car. The Install looks pretty clean, the strut tower has a plate on it that says the rwhp and the tq. The shop was called MPH modular power house. I guess there not around any more. I was wondering if anybody had heard of the shop, and had some info on them. The issue I'm having is the oil separator that's on the car is sucking air in through the bottom of the catch can. There's a valve there to drain the oil, and it has constant suction all the time. Is this normal, or do I need a new separator.


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    Post pics if you can. You can usually block off the drain port. I did on my car, and I just unscrew the can when I want to check or drain it.

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    Thanks, that's exactly what I did. I just ordered a new one, but that seems to work for now

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    MPH was one of the most well known Mustang shops a few years ago. The main guy was Tim Barth he went to Norm's garage last I heard. If it is a standard oil / air separator, It should be sealed, not suck in air.

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