351W Into 94 Mustang GT

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    Question found a 95 GT with a 95 Cobra Motor in it. needs new transmission. It still has the auto from the GT. The trans is dead the guy said. I want it. he is asking for 2150. Its prolly a perfect project. Is the 351W a simple bolt in swap. Will the accessories from the old 5.0 be compatiable with the 351W. Is their any fabrication that goes into this kinda of swap. Is it all bolt in and go. What kind of problems will I run into with this swap. Is it good for nitrous. I was told those 5.0 blocks will break when beat on. The trans. Could I get the AODE trans built to survive the rigors of drag racing. If not Ill just get something better. Thank you for your time people.

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    Swapping in a 351 requires a number of parts to make it work, but it is a fairly straightforward swap. You need:
    351 conversion headers
    If you are just getting a new 351 short block and transferring everything else over you need,
    A different flywheel balanced for the 351
    A different harmonic damper with the proper balance for a 351
    A 351 specific distributor with the right distributor gear to be compatible the type of cam you are running
    Longer pushrods
    A 351 oil pan
    A taller hood
    A new lower intake manifold to match the 351 to your existing upper manifold

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