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    Default Big Brake Kit advice

    My F-150 hauls ass with its 640 hp engine, corners like an Indy car with its Ridetech air suspension but leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to stopping. A Brembo kit is almost $4k but there are a few American made kits that range between $2200 and $2900.
    Does anyone have any input as to which way I should go?

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    what is your brake setup now?

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    Stock 2002 F-150 4 wheel discs.

    We went on a 'rod run' last Sunday with about 45 miles of moderately fast touring with a group of Mustangs and Corvettes on California's twisty curvy Highway 1 which follows the coastline. No problem with corners or accelerating out of them but as the morning went on the more I realized the brakes weren't adequate for that kind of driving.

    Quote Originally Posted by antiheightpunk View Post
    what is your brake setup now?

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    i would upgrade to better pads + rotors + lines than better brake fluid

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    TCE/Wilwood plus Hydroboost

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    Quote Originally Posted by tbonemcniel View Post
    TCE/Wilwood plus Hydroboost
    ^^^ I'd listen to this guy. ^^^^

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    Definitely agree with Tbone. I would 've suggested SSBC which is what I got and you could've had them ("14in) for about $1400 a few years back next in line is Wilwood. And the hydroboost takes the clamping pressure from 4-600lbs to like 1,200lbs! really a no brainer especially with heavy lopey cams.

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    Try stage3motorsports. They have big brake kits for the F150's.

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