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    Aside from being hard on O2 sensors, does Leaded race fuel do damage to the chambers, rings, pistons or valves? I mean real world experiances, not just ." I had a crappy tune" so I'll just blame the fuel. I'm trying to decied whether to go with C16, Renagade 120+ or Gulf mach 116 unleaded. I guess what I'm really asking is, is there any advantage to going with an unleaded race fuel(Gulf Mach 116 unleaded) or a Leaded race fuel( C16,Renagade 120+)?Oh and this is on an '03 Cobra new turbo set up.
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    I’ve ran 114 for 6 years in my ‘04 race car. Simply put, the availability and not having to redo my fuel system was the selling point. I will try to run unleaded this year (having engine rebuilt after 5 seasons.)

    During tear down, I saw nothing out of the ordinary, a lot of what you mentioned is all rumors. One downside in my experience is that I decided to run a closed loop o2 system. It was tuned and then set in closed loop and sensors pulled because I didn’t want to always worry about leaning out or wondering when my sensors were going bad. With that being said, my wideband Bosch sensor that I had mounted in the dash has never fouled.

    The reason I want to try unleaded is to run an open loop system once again, and allow the pcm to control the short and long term fuel trim tables. The downside is that currently the highest rating you can get is around 105 octane.

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