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Thread: Supercharging

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    Default Supercharging

    Hello I have a 1996 Mustang Cobra with a rebuilt engine. I do have a rebuilt transmission with 4:10 gearing. Since there is already some forged parts in the engine (4.6 DOHC, the original engine or block I should say), how safe is it to put a Kenne Bell supercharger in it and what type of boost and hp would I expect to see?

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    If you do not have the OEM SVT rods (Manley's and I think you don't) your rods will be the weak point. FWIW there are few things capable of the level of destruction a broken rod swinging around the crankcase on a crankshaft like a weed whacker can do. I would get a set of OEM SVT Cobra rods or equivalent before supercharging the engine.


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