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    Default Mustang close to being finished

    I've added more photos of the mustang build and have it running but the fast fuel system is being a you know what to get tuned. Taking it to the turbo shop that has chassis dyno and their
    going to tune the system for me so i have a starting point. This is now in its 30 month of building. Weight the car and its setting at 2580 lbs. Has steel doors too winks. The doors weighted
    20 lbs a piece with no lexan in them or sheet alum cover on inside. I have a mill and lightened the hinges up since there not holding 82 lbs anymore.

    I might add that it took 2 years to get the engine back from the machine shop. I have built engines before and I got lazy and let somebody else do it. WON"T happen again either.

    Future. Well a compressed air 32 valve engine sure makes my mouth water.

    Also don't fill the radiator up without the electric water pump running. You won't get a complete fill if you don't and probably not get all the air out of system.


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    you got a lot of cool pictures there. engine looks great. have you done repaint too? got more updates on your ride?

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    Forder, I have some more photos and some other information. First car weights 2580 lbs with a regular non 4130 cage. NHRA came over and made me add some more tubes lol. That's a story by itself. That weight by the way is not dry weight. Had water in radiator, oil and 3 gals of fuel. My biggest problem with car was the engine. Machine shop used comp cams in just about everything they build. They (Comp Cam) sent me a cams with so much lift that after running it we heard a noise in it and when we pulled the valve covers off, all the supports between cam bearing caps were broken off or bent due the lift. We pulled them off and machine then down and reinstalled. Started back up trying to get Fast Fuel system adjusted and developed another noise and engine started acting a little funny. Finally removed plugs and started putting pressure in each cylinders and found that no 3 exhaust was blowing straight thru. Not good. Pulled covers off on that side and started looking at exhaust springs. One had broken spring next to retainer and would close properly. shakes head called the machine shop and told them what was going on. He was going to call tech at comp cams. In the mean time I called a spring manufacture to see if i could get springs made for that camshaft. They asked for the cam numbers and looked them up. He call back and told me we don't make springs for that cam lift and nobody else does either and cant custom make them either as they wouldn't work. Was curious why comp sent that cam with beehive springs of that part number when they wouldn't work with that camshaft lift. Cam lift on card says .585 inches. Soooooooooo machine shop had a long talk with them i guess and they decided they would send me some other cams with less lift that would work with the springs they had sent me with the other cams. Took about 5 weeks to get new cams and 1 spring and retainer. Did a good look at other springs and couldn't see any problems with them. So with this racing season is over with, i haven't gotten in a hurry to put new ones in but got new spring and retainer installed. Will finish up when i have a little more time. Now for the nitrous system. I pulled all the new stuff out and put it in a box. I went looking for a system that don't rely on stages for nitrous or changing pills or jets. To me kind of stupid to do it that way and really hard on engines etc. SO after doing some research i have found a nitrous valve that controls from 0 to 600 with a digital valve. SMILES Uses a control box that you can program so it comes in the way you program it too. Does Not use pills in the jets or stages and uses what is called a spider under the throttle plate with tubes feeding each port. Capped off all the nitrous port plugs welded in intake manifolds. We can interface this with the fast fuel system. Will let everybody know how the system works after this spring development at track. Lets hope i don't break anymore valve springs.

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