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    I buy mine at Amazon, click here => Prolong — 1 Gal. they also have the 12 0z bottles, click here => Prolong — 12 oz. The bottles are usually around $17 and the gallon jug is about $68, so the jug cuts the cost per treatment about in half or a bit less.

    You can usually find it at your local Auto Parts store also for somewhere around $20 for 12 oz.


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    Great deals on it for sure, Ed. I had looked on eBay and found a gallon for $72, but Amazon works just as easily. My two 12-ounce bottles at AutoZone were only $20 each, but will definitely score a jug soon.

    Funny enough, I just changed the oil on my Explorer and when I put the receipt in my envelope, totally spaced out that I also added a bottle of Prolong 5,000 miles ago. Talk about slipping my mind. Will definitely look forward to seeing how its UOA looks this time around since the wear metals have been higher since day one, I'm guessing due to the turbochargers.

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    Interesting about the metals wear. I would expect to see diminished wear metrics going forward.

    Give me a shout next time you find your way to CA and we can get together again for some food and talk time.


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