2003 Mach 1 cooling fan questions

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    Default 2003 Mach 1 cooling fan questions

    So today I was driving back to work from lunch and heard a pop as if I ran over a cup or something in the road but there was nothing that I could see. As I continued driv My back, I noticed a ticking noise almost like the start of an exhaust leak. When I got back I popped the hood and noticed it sounded like it was coming from the fan(which was still operational) and the fan seemed to be wobbling a slight bit, but more than I figure it should. I turned the engine off and back on and the noise was gone for roughly 5 seconds till the fan kicked on and the noise was back. I turned it back off to fiddle with it. Without pulling anything off looked around and don't see anything obstructing it's movement and spinning it by hand seemed fine though I does seem to have a tad bit of resistance at certain points but I mean very slight. I can spin it by hand and at certain points it will slow down but I won't stop it completely as if the bearing was THAT bad, though I am thinking that the bearing may be the cause of this noise. When I get home tonight I will pull the fan out to further inspect it and make sure there isn't anything stuck in it but I'm still thinking I'll be in need of a fan. So I began doing some looking around online for new ones and everywhere I look including the forums(other people experiences with similar issues) and everyone only refers to the ONE plug that goes to the fan motor, which is absolutely correct. BUT nowhere does anyone address the second plug that runs off of that main motor plug about 3 inches up from it(still clipped to the shroud and plugs into it) that seems to go to either a resistor or relay. Either one of those makes sense to me but I want to know is that simply for the low speed which would be great so I know I don't need it when installing an aftermarket one speed fan or is it some relay that I do need for the high speed or anything else equally as necessary? Any help as to what this plug exactly is(no guessing please seeing that I've got that department covered :p) or whether I need it plugged in or cut and splice the wires together what would be amazing. Thank you in advance.

    Also so has anyone ever used a fan out of a v6. I see many parts cars around here with the 3.8l in them and it seems most of the aftermarket ones fit all mustangs to a certain point but I just don't want to have issues when plugging it in since I don't remember my last 02 v6 having the second plug, only the main plug to the motor with the 3 wires.

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    The second plug is the low speed resistor. Not necessary if you are going with a single speed fan.

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