2003 Mustang gt Build & Kenne Bell Relocation of Bypass Valve **EASY Mod*

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    Default 2003 Mustang gt Build & Kenne Bell Relocation of Bypass Valve **EASY Mod*

    Hello. This is my build and Project hopefully these pictures show you how and explain how easy it can be to relocate the bypass valve for all Lean bank and Staged Cams with kenne bell.
    First off My car is a 2003 Mustang Gt. Started Off with a stock car and then became addicted to modding it. This is my Part list so far and hope for future mods.
    900 MMR long Block Arp Hardware throughout
    Trickflow stage 3 heads with MMR stage 2 custom grind blower Cam
    Kenne Bell 2.1l with Relocated bypass valve (Soon to be a 2.6-2.8l) Inter-cooled (Big Tube Kit, 75mm throttle body)
    Stage 2 snow Injection Kit
    Quicktime bellhousing SFI
    TKO 600
    Centerforce Dual friction clutch.
    Drive-shaft house custom aluminum Drive shaft
    Lakewook Driveshalf loop
    3.73 Rear and gears
    8.8 diff welded tubes
    Poly Bushings throughout
    Sport springs(2" lower)
    Battery Located in trunk
    60 Lb Injectors
    Boost-a-Spark(Not to sure about)
    Fore stage 2 Return style fuel system dual pump. -8 an return and pressure.
    Kook long tube headers
    steeda Shift quadrant
    8 rib kit
    Port matched the manifold and heads.
    Smoothed out the runner under the inner cooler

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    In the relocation part i sanded down and smoothed out the back of the manifold between the the back most bolts on the bottom. Measured center on the hole drilled a 3/4 hole with a metal bit. drilled and tapped the back of the manifold to fit the old 90 from the original bypass position angled it up at 82 degree angle and tig welded at 1 1/2 od aluminum pipe to the blower intake and then drilled out the middle for a clean fit. Connected all with original hose. Fitment was great!! no issues at all.
    Project is just finished waiting to hit the dyno looking to see 580-600 HP(Yes i know the 2.1 inlet is very restricting with the snow kit i am able to keep the intake temps manageable under boost!!)

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    Thanks for posting how you relocated your bypass valve.

    I'm about to do the same bypass valve relocation on my 2.2 Kenne Bell.

    How did it work out, did it fix the lean bank problem?

    Did you only drilled a 3/4 hole for the original 90 with the flange from the bypass, or did you open it up more after you drilled and tapped the manifold to attach the 90 flange?

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    That post is essentially 5yrs old. The OP has only made 2 postings in those five years. There is an excellent chance he has sold the car and it is a guarantee he hasn't visited this site in, you guessed it, 5years!


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    Thanks Ed,

    I was thinking that too, but thought I would give it a try.

    do you know of any other posts about the same topic?

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    I do not. Th guidance in the one you found seems sound and practical. I would at least give it the good old college try..

    FWIW today you don't need to weld up the 90˚*bend in photo #9. Commercially available mandrel bent 90˚ elbows are readily available from Vibrant Performance and others that both look and work better.


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