Kenne Bell / Autorotor OA3150/1.4

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    Default Kenne Bell / Autorotor OA3150/1.4

    So, I just picked up an older Autorotor OA3150/1.4 that I'm planning on putting on my 1993 Mark VIII engine (engine's in my '78 280z). I'm a little confused on the lubrication of this unit, so please fill me in.

    1. There are two grease ports on the intake end bearings. What is the recommended grease and lubrication schedule for these two bearings.

    2. All of the information I find on the KB kits talk about oil change schedules, oil types, etc assuming this is a semi-sealed unit (I know the current SCs still have a vent of course). The Autorotor drawings (as referenced from the Davis Supercharging, Turbocharging & Nitrous Oxide book) specifically mention the following: "6 connections G1/4" FOR LUBRICATION OIL (ENGINE OIL PRESSURE), VENTILATION AND OIL DRAINAGE (TO ENGINE OIL SUMP) SEE ALSO DRW No: 1436 (OIL CONNECTIONS)". Did the design change over time to go to a semi-sealed unit, should I run engine oil to the supercharger as it's an older unit?? If anyone can point me to appropriate older install instructions that might glean some light on this situation, that would be greatly appreciated.


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    Have you checked with Autorotor yet?


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    Hi Ed, I was under the impression that Opcon had closed it's doors on the Autorotor division years ago. I think I read that on the KB website, as KB was hands down their largest customer, when KB started making their own design, Opcon stopped making Autorotor. That said, is there someone at Opcon that would be able to shed some light on this that you know of?

    PS. I just moved from Prunedale, CA, and drove every day through Gilroy going to work in Palo Alto. Gilroy was where I blew my first SOHC engine, right at the 101/25 exchange.

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    Try the guys at Lysholm => They were both owned by the same parent and Lysholm might just have the information you're looking for.

    Send me a PM and we can get together some weekend.


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    I'll give them a shout on Monday, and let you know what I find.

    FYI, I just moved from Prunedale, I'm up in Washington now. Thanks for the invite though, I'll keep it in mind next time I'm cruising 101 through the garlic capitol of the WORLD!!


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    The offer is still good if you find yourself back in the 'old' neighborhood Phil. Just send a PM to let me know.


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