fluid on passenger rear floor

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    Default fluid on passenger rear floor

    So since I bought this car roughly 8 months ago I noticed that the passenger rear floor was wet just about all the time and the fluid is oily and smelled of transmission fluid. The driver side rear is a little damp as well but not as much as the passenger side. The car also had a decent crack in the transmission so it wasn't far fetched that it was transmission fluid, just how it was getting into my car was my concern. Underneath the car I can see two holes probably about 1 foot from the transmission housing towards the back of the car. There's one hole on each side of the driveshaft tunnel and inside the car this is just about right behind the center console, again, on each side of that "hump" that is the tunnel. Underneath, on one hole, there is a nut welded to the hole oriented in a way that it looks like a bolt would go through it from the inside of the car. I believe that even if it is not the sole issue that is causing this fluid to get inside the car, it is at least a major contributor. If I remember correctly, my v6 had the same thing only it had a nut welded to both holes so I'm sure one just was knocked off. I just want to know what these are for. I'll probably fill them with some silicon for now and make sure the "leak" stops then I need some welding done anyways so I'll have them weld them closed. I just don't want to block off anything I may want to utilize later. And I checked on driveshaft loops and not only is it to far forward on the driveshaft but I haven't seen any that mount in that way. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you

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    Seems odd that it would leak that much to be wet all on the passenger side and a little on the drivers side. Plus, I would think what is leaking would be mostly underneath working its way toward the back as you drive. Are you sure it's radiator fluid from your heater core?

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