I am new to the his forum so first of all hello to all!
I recently bought a used KB 2.1L for my 96 Cobra, got a smoking deal on it. Included 42lb injectors and Lightning 90mm MAF. The guy I bought it from was pretty cool about answering any questions I had. I needed install instructions and a few other parts from Kenne Bell. What a pain in the ass just to get ahold of someone there, no luck with phone calls "could never get through". Finally got an email reply about a week later and they pretty much gave me the cold shoulder when I gave them a list of parts I wanted to order. Said it would take some time to get me prices on the following parts: 5"Crank Pulley, Install instructions, high speed fan tap, KB Cold Air Intake, extended throttle cable and cost to have them reprogram the chip I received with the blower or just a new chip. Two weeks no response and I had sent a couple emails to them in the meantime asking if they were able to figure out prices. When they finally responded via e-mail all they said was some parts not available and had a couple other suggestions for me. Unbelievable, can't even give me the prices for the parts you should stock? Anyway I am done with their BS... Guess they could give 2 sh!ts about customer service. So I installed the kit with some partial instructions I got off the web, install was pretty simple but I have a few specific questions I need to ask someone who has this setup. If anybody has similar setup on a 96 Cobra I would like to pick your brain on a couple things.