I bought an 06 gt about 8 months ago and am finally around to doing a few things to it. I'm gonna be doing a cam swap and while I'm at it do the roller followers and lash adjusters. There are some great write ups on doing the cam swap but not the followers and adjusters. I would like to replace them with the cam out instead of compressing each spring one by one and doing it that way but I'm not to sure if it's doable. I've seen someone on here say you can set them all in place with the cam on top and bolt the bearing caps back down slowly but is it easy for them to move this way. I've never seen under a valve cover on these in person so I'm not sure how it works exactly. I know the adjuster has a nipple that the follower sits on but what about the valve side when you take the follower off is there still that bit of valve that the other side of the follower can sit on so it stays in place or does th valve sit flush with the spring. One last thing is it simply take out of the box and install or do I need to prep the adjusters other than the obvious lubrication of everything on install. Sorry for the insane long write up just a concerned nubie to doing the work myself. Any help is greatly appreciated.